Marketing and Mail List Hygiene

SecureOne offers an additional menu of services to specifically support marketing or mailing list related projects including NCOA, XCOA, Address Standardization and Merge/Purge, including:

  • NCOA – National Change of Address helps keep track of the one in five Americans who move each year while providing a check on the integrity of mailing addresses. NCOA updates address changes going back 48 months using a USPS maintained database containing approximately 160 million individual, family and business change of address registrations.

  • XCOA – Extended Change of Address updates address changes not covered by NCOA and increases the change of address coverage to 60 months. Unlike NCOA, which is exclusively controlled by the USPS, the XCOA database is generated from approximately 25 private sources such as magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance agencies and credit companies. This database contains approximately 150 million individual, family and business moves. The XCOA matching algorithm uses logic that takes into account nicknames, spelling variations, phonetics and common typos.

  • Address Standardization – CASS certified address standardization adds Zip+4 and other postal coding to mailing lists and formats addresses to meet strict USPS requirements. This essential list maintenance tool increases mail deliverability and is necessary to receive many postal discounts.

  • Merge/Purge – Merge/Purge is used to identify and eliminate duplicate records in a list.

SecureOne also has telephone number services available including telephone append, telephone verify, do-not-call coding, reverse telephone append and area code update and correction.

Call your SecureOne representative for a complete description and pricing for any of these services.