Mailroom and Document Preparation

SecureOne handles your documents from receipt to disposition. We maintain a bank of PO boxes or can receive shipments from the carrier of your choice. Shipments are logged, envelopes are opened and the documents are prepared for further processing. When the project is complete your documents will be returned or disposed of according to your instructions.

SecureOne offers clerical services as the initial step in preparing documents for further processing. Respondents can mail reply cards, applications, etc. directly to SecureOne or customers can have the US Postal Service forward mail from an existing PO Box. A freight carrier such as UPS or FedEx can also be used to send physical documents. If scanned images are utilized, they can be sent in an electronic file or on CD-ROM. SecureOne logs the receipt of all incoming shipments so the documents can be tracked through the process.

Documents arriving from the US Postal Service are usually in envelopes and must be opened so the contents can be removed. SecureOne has invested in automated equipment capable of opening hundreds of pieces of mail per minute. Certain mail responses may need to be culled out and returned to the client. Many projects involve multiple forms and like forms are generally sorted together for further processing. Staples need to be removed for scanning or if a staple covers information that is going to be data entered. Documents that are disheveled, skewed, folded, upside down or backwards are placed in an orderly stack with all the documents facing the same direction. For tracking and control purposes, documents are divided into batches of a manageable size.

SecureOne will also handle disposition of the documents. SecureOne can (1) store the documents for a specified period of time, (2) return the documents, (3) recycle the documents or (4) give the documents to a third party and have their destruction certified.